Word-building on the Metro

The ladies’ compartment was quite crowded, and I found a place to stand comfortably. And as I looked around within the restricted space, I could see a cellphone with a half-done word-building game. A young girl held the phone in her hand. Puzzles are something I get easily addicted to, and I could not resist myself. She was stuck on a word, and I thought I knew the answer. As I peered into the young lady’s phone over her shoulder, I felt like a trespasser. Like those nosy aunties who ask too many questions. But I was stuck, since movement was quite restricted, and we were like packed sardines.
So there I stood for a little while, with the two sparring voices in the head. I could completely empathize with Hamlet, and could feel the ‘to be or not to be’ moment, or rather, ‘to speak or not to speak’. After a few tense moments, I just blurted out the word. She looked up, startled. It was too late to look away. I apologized for poking my nose, as she typed in the word and it was correct! Phew! She smiled and said that was okay. She moved to the next level in the game. My internal chatter had reached a frenzy as the voice was telling me to just shut up and mind my business. So I tried to act nonchalant and stood quietly, trying very hard to not look in her direction.
And then I heard a soft voice – “it’s a four letter word?” she was asking me for help! Gleefully I joined her in the quest for words, and we continued to slay. And in no time, I had reached my destination.

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