What’s Stopping You?

I am in a few WhatsApp groups where there are people I don’t know, or have never met. On one such group of talented and beautiful people, there is this wonderful lady who posted pictures of her paintings, in oils and watercolors. They were very beautiful, indeed – and I commented once saying ‘you make me feel like picking up my brush!’ to which she replied, ‘what’s stopping you?’ with a lovely smile (to be more precise, a smiley emoticon). And the words somehow stuck in my mind. As I went on with my day’s work, I asked myself, ‘what’s stopping you?’ But I still didn’t pick up that brush…
The paints have gone dry!
I don’t have the canvas to paint!
These were some of the excuses. I then decided to overcome these excuses. I went out and bought the canvas and some fresh paints. Brushes, I already had – collecting dust over the years of neglect. And then some more days passed. Still, no paintings! What’s stopping you?!!
Oh, let me finish this work I am doing right now!
I haven’t cooked yet!!
I’m not in the mood right now.
I have to go out in some time.
This went on till there was another beautiful painting by the same lady that inspired me. ‘So, what’s stopping you now?’ I asked myself. And I set out to paint. It is not a great masterpiece, but I have overcome something that has been stopping me… at least for a while, till the next bout of inertia attacks me, and I ask myself ‘so, what’s stopping me now?’

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