The Unsung (S)heroines

She saw the photograph
on WhatsApp
Bless the Internet
that keeps them connected!
What’s this!!!?
she asked
Chilblain, he replied
You don’t take care
she chided
As she couldn’t see his single scar
To fuss over him, she as so far!
You didn’t wear your gloves?
she cried
I did, he replied
Then he said,
You cry for a chilblain
When my brothers were slain
We can’t let their sacrifices
go in vain
We will stand our ground
whether it rains or snows
as we are duty bound
We face the wrath of man or nature
and we will not waver
We guard the borders
so there is order
and the country sleeps sound
So she hid her tears and pain
As always, it was the nation first, again
And she kept mum
knowing that all she could do
was to support him.

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