The right keys

I was busily typing away at my laptop at top speed, without looking at the screen or the keyboard. Having learnt to type on the traditional old typewriter, this wasn’t a difficult task … and speed was not a problem.

After a short while, I just happened to look up at the screen. What I saw shocked me. It was full of gibberish. Was this my typing? How did I do that? Had I lost it? Well, not really. Once I recovered from the jolt, I realized that my fingers were not on ‘asdf’ and ‘jkl;’ to begin with. There was nothing wrong with my typing skills. But I had pressed a wrong set of keys because my fingers were on the wrong keys!

Well, this was an ‘aha’ moment for me. It suddenly struck me that this was somewhat similar to life. Like, there are times when we think we are doing the right things, but if we are not at the right place at the right time, things don’t turn out the way we want them to. No matter how ‘right’ we are. Another similarity being buttoning up the shirt wrong with the wrong buttonhole. A redo moment. Effort is always rewarded when it is placed in the right direction.

Especially when in a hurry, we do things that we don’t intend to. Do things we don’t have time for. And then we redo things for which we cannot afford that extra bit of time.

Hmm. So, I went back to my typing … with fingers on the right keys, of course 🙂  Deep, huh?

On goodbyes

bridge-826540_960_720[1]Change is the only constant in life. We have heard this innumerable times. Yes, we have heard all those sayings and proverbs. We are adept at remembering and repeating them at will. Yes, people change. The dynamics change. This is real. It happens all the time. It has been, and will continue to be till man walks on earth. Till there are humans and relationships. Only, we react when it happens in our own backyards. When it is closer to home, it hurts.

Friendships have a way of ending. But then, if it ended, it never was friendship. We meet such ‘friends’ after a very long gap, with all the eagerness. But then, something has changed. These are not the same people I said bye to sometime ago, with hopes of meeting each other again. The faces are the same, but the vibes are different. The feeling is that of looking into the eyes of strangers with familiar faces. What do we do in such cases?

There is no place for bitterness or sad feelings here. Bless them. God bless you. Be happy. May you have whatever you wish for. Thanks for all the lovely and happy times we spent together. Some people come into our lives for a season. The season is now over, I guess. Life takes a path of its own. So our paths diverge. I go my way. Adieu.

I hate dogs


I hate dogs. Especially when I see those stray ones on my evening walks in the park. What business do they have in the park, I wonder.

I looked at them with disgust as I passed them every evening. Two or more stray dogs, and I changed my route. It went on for a while as the dogs recognized me every day. And I did not dare step into their territory.

Last month, as I was walking on my regular path, I tripped and fell. It was a twisted ankle and it hurt. I was in great pain and there were tears in my eyes. Suddenly I felt something wet on my feet. I jumped and saw a tiny pup. I looked into those melting eyes. Shoo! I screamed. He was taken aback and scampered away. I somehow made my way back home.

The next day, I hobbled my way to the park. I did not want to break my fitness routine, I told myself. I carried a pack of biscuits along. I would sit on the bench and nibble some, I thought. My eyes searched for that pup. Ah! There he was! I threw a biscuit at him. He happily came and ate the biscuit. I was rewarded with a few licks and a quite a few wags of his tail. As I walked home, he followed me. I shooed him away once I reached my house.

This continued, and soon became a routine. And now, my walks are interrupted with bouts of sitting on the bench and feeding bread and other food items to this pup. He faithfully walks me back home, like a gentleman.

I hate dogs. I thought I was feeding a stray pup. But it was the pup that gave me the sense of contentment. I thought I was a giver, providing him food. But he was the one that was giving me something valuable – unconditional love. I hate dogs. Because this little fellow stole my heart. Now I am adopting him.

Fighting them devils…

They popped up from nowhere, these little ugly gremlins. The minute I was about to start, up sprang one. He came from somewhere in the head region, a place I did not know existed until now. It is called the land of doubts and fears, I believe. He had the most convincing list of doubts and fears. As I tackled and finished him off, the next one was ready. This fellow had a totally different set of thoughts that made me wonder if he were right? Oh! The torture! No sooner than I had put this one to rest, there were a couple more that had appeared. This went on for quite some time. I was totally exhausted by the time I had demolished the thousand-something-th one. Heavens!

I finally confided in a friend who suggested I use the spray ‘self-talk’.  This seemed to work and I was inspired again. I was full of bright ideas. They were brimming, no, spilling and overflowing out of the head like a river in full spate.  Fully inspired, I now sit down to write. Yes! I have loads of topics! I have the most wonderful words coming up in the brain space, straining to be let out and spill themselves on to the paper, or rather my word file on the computer. Yes! I have got it all planned out. I spray a generous dose of gremlicide, called confidence. I sit down in front of my laptop. And I start. What? Well, these words seem shy now. They were doing such a jig in the brain just a while ago, and now they are shy and reluctant to come out. They seem to hide for cover behind other words. ‘You go first’, ‘no, you go’, they seem to say. So I sit for hours in front of the system, trying to coax them out onto the word file. Then after quite a long wait, I log off, as I have other things to do and I’ve got to feed myself! Ah, these wicked torturous words!! You just wait till I catch you all! Just you wait! And until then, I will try and pass this experience for my Day1 of the thirty-day challenge! I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping they’ll be kind to me soon … and I’m ready for Day2 