Going Gaga over Green

Yesterday, my neighbor was showing me her kitchen garden, and gave me the tomato and the chillies, which triggered some memories.
I had never gushed over a tomato. Never over a chilli! The sight of vegetables neatly piled up in the most creative way at the market, or either in heaps, to show the bountiful crop – all these failed to move me. They were just vegetables. Until now, that is. This is the effect that these silent green lives have over you. These were unplanned babies that sprouted out of the garbage heap. And the motherly heart said ‘no’ to uprooting them. So they were moved into pots with due honour. And before long, I found myself rejoicing the growth of every new leaf. When they flowered, it was such a lovely sight! And as the tiny little tomato and chilli made an appearance, I was eagerly looking up recipes for tomatoes and chillies.

The first tomato sat on the kitchen table. Somehow, I did not have the heart to cut it up. After all the recipes I had planned, I found that I was just looking at it – my first ‘crop’ of one tiny tomato. Too small for one meal. I admired the shiny skin and the healthy look. And it sat there until my son walked in, and popped it into his mouth, asking ‘mom, what’s for lunch?’ That was the end of my first ‘crop’.
This was a few years ago. Now for anyone laughing at my post – I suggest you grow your own veggies. I will be there to gush with you.

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