Chai, anyone?

Looks like the world has discovered a new hidden benefit of tea.

This comes after the recent sensation on the Internet … I’m talking about the tea-seller who shot to fame just because of his blue eyes and good looks. Now he might be good looking, I grudgingly admit. But well, he looks like one of those Kashmiri hawkers who come selling carpets door to door here, in south India. Such a hullabaloo!! I’m sure if we walked the streets of Kashmir, we might find such blue-eyed boys out there … Yes, I am a bit cynical because the latest sensation is from across the borders, and from enemy territory to boot!

My loyalties are quite clearly with my country. But a thought strikes me. Selling tea has benefited this young man. Not to speak of our very own national hero who shot to fame from humble beginnings selling tea and later headed an entire nation. So now when kids don’t pay much attention to studies, we can confidently say don’t worry, son! I will put up a tea-stall for you. Who knows …


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