A Morning ‘Treet’

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
-Joyce Kilmer

Today, as I reached Cubbon Park thirty minutes early for my bi-weekly class, I decided to take a brisk walk around. But my plans were thwarted by none other than a gigantic tree. I am always fascinated by trees. I stopped short in awe at the size of the tree. And that was when I noticed the squirrels and the parrots playfully prancing around. I lost sense of time as I stood and watched them in silence, taking care not to scare them away. Not that they were bothered. They were used to the humans walking in the park. So I had an eyeful of these merry creatures, and clicked some pictures too. Then I noticed a man placing some nuts on the branch of the tree. And the birds and squirrels playfully shared their bounty.
There were some pigeons too, near the tree trunk. All I had to do was shoo them away from the ground, to get a beautiful picture as they flew away. (No, I didn’t do that!). Guess I have a halo around my head now. It only takes a small part of nature for that positivity! This happy sight still lingers in the mind as the day progresses.

Author: kavs17

Hello and thanks for visiting! I am Kavitha... A multifaceted mix of crazy, happy, loving, inspiring, wicked, and maddening, just like the next person, only with varying degrees! Though a copy editor and language trainer by profession, I sometimes feel like an octopus for having my nose (or should I say hands) in too many things. Reading is a favourite hobby… even the piece of newspaper that a roadside vendor hands out, wrapping a handful of peanuts. I can lose myself in a good book any day. I am a fan of yoga, and zentangle, and occasionally dabble in painting. Singing is a passion I’d love to take up seriously someday. I also love the go-green mantra, and try to 'save the world' in my own little way. Or so I'd like to think. I am new to the blogging world, and write as an outlet for putting pen to paper… Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback.

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