Resolutions and dealing with clutter

The bug had bitten me in spite of trying to avoid it. I did not want to make any resolutions this year. For the simple reason that I didn’t want the guilt of breaking them later on. Then a sudden wave of ‘cleaning’ swept over me.
I love reading. Even the occasional torn bit of newspaper that wraps the peanuts bought from the roadside vendor. And as you might have guessed by now, my treasure includes books, papers, magazines, paper cuttings of various articles… saved links to ‘read later’ (the later which never comes anyway), word files with ‘beautiful’ articles – yes, to read later. You get the drift. And yes, the clutter can get to you at times. So I targeted this pile of magazines and books that occupied space – precious space which could be otherwise used beneficially, I thought.
And one fine day last week, I sat down to it. Rather, after some meaningful looks at the pile followed by some sighs from mom, aimed pointedly at my treasure. I pulled out the pile of old magazines. What all have I collected? I chided myself as I started sorting out the books. Then my eyes fell on the cover of a magazine… ‘Don’t throw that dress away’! Ah! That’s why I had kept this book aside!! Precious one! As I flipped the pages, I found a beautiful embroidery pattern that I wanted to try out. Further ahead were some quick recipes. Ah. I would read this soon after I cleared this pile! I need this magazine! The next one had an article on how to use small spaces to the maximum for storage purposes. Yes, of course the book goes back on the shelf. Another edition of the magazine had advice on how to look good in the rainy season. The next one had golden nuggets on how to take ten years off your face. Where would such valuable advice go? Definitely not to the pile of raddi!
And thus went my entire morning and afternoon, by the end of which the ‘want’ pile was way higher than the almost unnoticeable ‘dispose’ pile. I neatly dusted the magazines and kept them in a nice place where I will be reading them. Soon. Yes, that’s what I have been saying since so long, mom!!!

Author: kavs17

Hello and thanks for visiting! I am Kavitha... A multifaceted mix of crazy, happy, loving, inspiring, wicked, and maddening, just like the next person, only with varying degrees! Though a copy editor and language trainer by profession, I sometimes feel like an octopus for having my nose (or should I say hands) in too many things. Reading is a favourite hobby… even the piece of newspaper that a roadside vendor hands out, wrapping a handful of peanuts. I can lose myself in a good book any day. I am a fan of yoga, and zentangle, and occasionally dabble in painting. Singing is a passion I’d love to take up seriously someday. I also love the go-green mantra, and try to 'save the world' in my own little way. Or so I'd like to think. I am new to the blogging world, and write as an outlet for putting pen to paper… Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback.

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